Though I was planning a somewhat reclusive year, it may come as a surprise to many of you that I have decided to play a handful of concerts in late April and early May.  Marc Bonilla and I will pay tribute to our two longtime musical partners, John Wetton and Keith Emerson, with an intimate semi-acoustic duo performance of some of the music associated with John and Keith - songs from UK, Crimson and ELP performed with a single keyboard, voice and acoustic guitar.  A quiet and moving evening of respect.  I hope you will join us.
So far, we will be playing in London, Amsterdam (Zoetermeer), Québec, Chicago, New York and Philadelphia, with a few more dates to be added, including one or two West Coast cities.  I haven't decided on Japan at this time.
Exact dates will be announced as they are confirmed.
For those of you not fully familiar with Marc, he was the lead singer and guitarist of the Keith Emerson Band, as well as being Keith's best friend and longtime music collaborator and co-producer.  He was also a one-time guest of my U-Z Project.
All tickets should be bought directly from the venues' ticket sites.  Full members of the Lounge should only purchase regular tickets, not VIP tickets, as VIP privileges such as soundcheck and meet-and-greet access will be free to all Lounge members.  The Zealots List will be at the door or box office of every venue, so plan to show up early (usually around 5:30pm) for a pre-show gathering.


Due to continuingly high demand, we have recently completed the manufacturing of additional "Ultimate Collectors' Edition" box sets and they have now been delivered to Amazon and other retail and import outlets worldwide.  Please note, the box sets will no longer be available from the Zealots Lounge except to Full and Lifetime members, so please order from Amazon, Disk Union, Burning Shed etc.  
One other note: we have changed the design of the disc-holders going forward as the first batch of disc-holders had a tendency to warp, and the CD hubs occasionally caused discs to crack when inserted or removed.  Please contact the Lounge (zealotslounge @ if you have had problems with disc damage from the early disc-holders.
Thanks again for all of the terrific comments and reviews regarding the packaging, the book, and the audio quality of the collection; if you are so inspired, please feel free to add to the positive reviews on Amazon to counterbalance the few 1-star trolls who unfairly denigrate all of the hard work, in some cases, prior to the product even being released.  Help me fight back against these deleterious people.
Meanwhile, I am still trying to finish up editing the twenty-one Z-Funder piano improvisations, as well as helping Marc Bonilla complete the Keith Emerson concert video, after which I shall be 'off the grid' for awhile, working on projects for later in the year.  Until the Lounge springs back to life again, please do stay engaged on the forum and FaceBook page where I shall be occasionally checking in.  
Best wishes for 2017, everyone.


I am pleased with the terrific responses we have received from the folks who have finally begun to receive their long-awaited UK box sets; almost every review mentions the excellent sound quality of the discs.  As you know, I personally have gone to great lengths to have this audio collection live up to its "Ultimate Collectors' Edition" title, so I am grateful to hear that so many are finding that we have met the standard.  Thank you.
Meanwhile at Globe Music, we continue daily to fulfill the many hundreds of Zealots' orders, destined for more than 25 countries, and I fully expect that all current orders will be shipped in the next 2-3 weeks.  To be honest, the demand has been quite overwhelming; three times greater than we anticipated when I began the project.  Though this is obviously a positive thing, it has put quite a strain on our resources.  Regardless, we are currently looking into manufacturing additional box sets to meet the high demand.
Though we still can't give individual shipping dates for any particular order, please know that you can contact the store at zealotslounge @ if your order has not arrived worldwide by Nov. 24th (U.S. Thanksgiving).  Please don't write to us before then.  This address, however, can be used at any time by folks whose sets may have arrived in unsatisfactory shape, or if there are any missing or cracked discs.  With eighteen discs in every set, and thousands of sets, this can happen.
Enjoy the collection.


Yes, as you may have read today, I have agreed to do a cameo at the Keith Emerson tribute concert ins Los Angeles on May 28th.  I am so busy trying to finish the massive UK box set that I will only be able to play two or three pieces in the show, but it seems like it will be a great concert, with or without my participation.
Let me say that losing my friend and teenage hero Keith has been a big blow, and I am just at the beginning of publicly acknowledging what he meant to my early development as a keyboard player.


I am pleased to announce the completion of the new Night After Night mixes; the entire concert-length recordings have been mixed from scratch by legendary mix engineer Bob Clearmountain. The newly extended 1979 live album is more than twice as long as the original release, coming in at 1 hour and 35 minutes, and will only be available in the Ultimate Collectors' Edition box set as both a double CD and as a high-resolution Blu-ray audio disc in both stereo and 5.1 surround-sound.
I think you will enjoy Bob's mixes of the Jobson, Wetton, Bozzio trio performing Thirty Years, Carrying No Cross, The Only Thing She Needs, Danger Money and more, along with new high-resolution remixes of the original Night After Night live tracks.
Bob's excellent assistant, Sergio, took this picture.  I think he was shocked that anyone would have the audacity to start pushing buttons in the middle of a Bob Clearmountain mix!  But Bob was OK with it... no, really. 
EJ with Clearmountain 650px


As Amazon (USA) have dropped their price on the Ultimate Collectors' Edition box set, and as they are offering free shipping, we have decided to increase the Z'Lounge price only slightly, to $125, and keep the Full Member's price the same at $95.  However, as the box will now weigh close to 5lbs, we have had to increase the international shipping cost to $65 (for purchases starting today). USA domestic shipping will remain at $20.
All pledges as part of the Z-Funder campaign will still receive the complete 16-disc box set, a savings for many of a whopping $95 off the current retail price, in addition to receiving free shipping.  This is in appreciation for your early support and investment in the project.  Thank you.
The detailed contents, as reflected in the 'Abbey Road' video (see the Video page) have now been officially released to the retailers.  In addition to the highest quality remasters of U.K., Danger Money, Night After Night (with 50 minutes of additional music), as well as the Reunion double CD, there will be an interviews disc and an outtakes-and-extras disc, including Terry Bozzio and myself recording some of the drum parts on Danger Money, which is a lot of fun to listen to.  I am also including four radio broadcasts - three of the original band performances with Bruford and Holdsworth, plus the final 1979 concert of the Jobson-Wetton-Bozzio trio performing in Holland; and I am preparinga 64-page book (for weight considerations, not four books as previously suggested), telling the complete story of UK.  In terms of stereo audio, this will indeed be the definitive Ultimate Collector's Edition.

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