I can now confirm that UK's Final Tour will play Namba Hatch, Osaka on April 27th.  
Meanwhile, the Tokyo venue has still not been officially announced, but should be confirmed this week.  Zealots' ticket list confirmation will now take place mid-March.  The planned January confirmation had to be delayed until the venue bureaucracy was accommodated in accordance with their Japanese protocols.  It doesn't help that we haven't worked with this venue since 1979 (hint).
Any British fans still hoping to see UK perform should join us in Leamington Spa on March 2nd. The London show is completely sold out so this really is the last opportunity to see the band in Europe.


Zealots' tickets for San Francisco, Philadelphia and New York are now available on the Store.  I always reserve a number of tickets in the front rows of every show exclusively for Zealots, so even if the venues put tickets on sale before the Lounge, they still will not be selling the audience-left-side front seats that I have held back.  Price-wise, the general rule is that the Lounge tickets will be at the price below VIP, but Zealots will always receive all VIP benefits at no charge.
The Zealots' VIP package pre-sale for Tokyo is now over, and the European Zealots sales have also now ended.  Additionally, I am pleased to announce that the London show is almost totally sold out.


By considerable public demand, I have added a handful of U.S. dates to UK's Final World Tour - April 21, San Francisco; April 23, Philadelphia, and April 24, New York.  Zealots pre-sale is now in effect. There is the possibility of another West Coast gig, but otherwise, there will be a maximum of four shows in the U.S.  My apologies to the middle of the country and to Canada, I just couldn't make it happen this time.
The lineup for the U.S. and Japan will be Eddie Jobson, John Wetton, Alex Machacek, with special guests Chad Wackerman (Zappa, Holdsworth) and Mike Mangini (Jobson, Dream Theater), a double-drummer powerhouse, reflective of the past U-Z tours.
There will be more detailed information about Japan soon, including the announcement of an additional Japanese date.  Japanese business protocols have delayed the confirmations expected in January, but we're now good to go.


I have accepted an offer to add an additional UK date after London; we shall be playing at The Assembly in Leamington Spa, England on March 2nd.  I believe this will now be the final date on the European tour and I don't expect any more cities to be added.
The Zealots' pre-sale has been posted on the store and will include a Zealots-only Q&A with Eddie before the show, at 5:30pm.
For the North American fans who are hoping to see UK's Final World Tour, there is the growing possibility of one or two shows; but nothing is confirmed.


The limited VIP packages for UK's Final Concert in Tokyo are now available exclusively on the Store or, in some cases, the Free Store (though sorry, they are not free).  Purchasing a VIP package will automatically register you on the Zealots Ticket List which will be at the venue, along with your actual tickets and VIP laminate; it should also automatically generate a .pdf which you may want to print out.  The .pdf is just a receipt and is not necessary for entry into the concert, the music seminar, or the Birthday Bash.  If you encounter any technical difficulty in downloading the .pdf, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , though, again, it is only a paper receipt and not a necessary document.
All Final Concert VIPs will be contacted again in January as reassurance that they are on the Zealots VIP list.  This is going to be fun, thank you all for your amazing support.


All VIP ticket holders for UK's Final Concert in Tokyo will be invited to celebrate my 60th birthday with me on April 28th, two days before the concert.  VIP package reservations will go on sale exclusively to members of the Zealots Lounge this Friday, December 12th at 3pm California time. The concert, masterclass and party venues will be announced in January, along with the final lineup for the last show.
If you did not receive a Zealots' newsletter about this recently and you wish to be on the mailing list in the future, please write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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