I have posted an Abbey Road update video on the Video page documenting both my visit to the famous studio, and the number of master tapes I was able to retrieve from the vaults.  With all of the materials collected and digitized, the UK Ultimate Collectors' Edition box set will now contain 16 discs in an extensive packaging, complete with a 64-page book.
I am very pleased with the high-resolution files and can now say with confidence that this will be the highest quality collection of UK recordings ever available.  The complete audio set can be pre-purchased from the store for the temporary price of $120 plus shipping and handling; $95 for Full members.  Due to the considerable expansion of the project, my latest projected release date is April 12th.
Wishing everyone a great year ahead in 2016!
Abbey Road 650px


Despite trying for many months to convince Ward Records in Japan to release the Four Decades and Curtain Call videos worldwide through Globe at regular DVD/Blu-ray prices, they have not made this possible for me.  So the videos will only be available as Japanese exports, at Japanese export prices.  I apologize that we will be unable to offer either video through Globe Music or on the Zealots Lounge, or be able to include Curtain Call in the UK box set.
However, the good news is that the Abbey Road sessions were quite fruitful and I shall soon be posting an update video here on the Lounge about the progress of the Ultimate Collectors' Edition box set.  Stay tuned.
The Zealots store has finally reopened with a few items, and though the special Z-Funder deal is over, the UK box set will be added to the store catalog after I have posted the update video.
Thanks once again to all of the Z-Funder contributors, and a very special thanks to the Diamond-level funders for hosting me in your homes.  I enjoyed spending time sharing knowledge and stories with such an intelligent and gracious group of people and I look forward to seeing you all again in the future.


As all of the Z-Funder "Gold" level studio visits in Los Angeles, New York and London are sold out, I have decided to add one more studio day in Tokyo.  This will likely take place after the Ultimate Collectors' Edition UK box set is completed, so the Tokyo session will be more of a playback event prior to the worldwide release.  We already have a couple of Gold pledges from Japan, but as I am only now announcing this, I will keep the Japan-only "Gold" level open until noon Tuesday Nov.3rd (Japan time) to give everyone a chance to participate.
Otherwise, the Z-Funder campaign is over and I will be heading to Europe on Tuesday.  The Abbey Road sessions are booked for Nov.9-10 and I am really looking forward to hearing what we have lurking in that historic vault!  I think the UK box set is going to be spectacular.
Meanwhile, while I am traveling, I have decided to upgrade all of the software modules on the Zealots Lounge.  We have had a few issues with the Free Store that can only be fixed by rebuilding the store modules with updated software, so both stores will be closed for a few weeks.
A big thanks to all of the Z-Funder participants; you have really helped this project come to fruition.  I look forward to giving you a full update regarding the contents of the UK box set when I return to Los Angeles.
UK Box Set Cover 650px


Firstly, let me thank everyone very much for participating in the first Z-Funder campaign; we have had contributors on every single Z-Funder pledge level.  I am in the process of fulfilling the higher-level pledges as we speak, beginning the improvised compositions, as well as planning certain trips to visit the Diamond contributors in person.  This should be fun (let's start chillin' the Pinot).
Of course, once any large project gets underway, some aspects go smoothly and others seem to take forever.  Unfortunately, the projected Xmas delivery date for the 'Ultimate Collectors' Edition' UK box set is, at this point, unlikely to be met, however, part of the reason is that the project has increased in scope considerably.  Currently, the box set is up to 10 discs and could very well end up as a 14-disc collection once I am finished.  I will give more details down the road once the exact contents have been confirmed and as new options become unearthed in the Abbey Road vaults.  
One of the slower aspects of the project has been licensing the "Curtain Call" video from Japan to be included in the collection - an important addition, in my view - but progress is finally being made on this issue as well.  Retrieving the original UK master tapes from Abbey Road has also taken quite a while to organize and schedule; I am currently hoping to make it over to England in November.
Meanwhile, due to the scope and expense of the project, we need to make some adjustments to the pledge levels.  As of October 1st, the Z-Funder "Box Set" level will increase to $105 (and the "Musician" level to $150), which is still considerably less than the expected retail price which could reach around $140 or higher.  The current $75 "Box Set" pre-sale (and $125 for "Musician") will continue until November for Full members, but will otherwise only be available until September 30, 2015 on the regular Zealots Lounge store.
Lastly, I am closing down the Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels on October 31st.  Thanks again to the high-level funders, we already have folks visiting the studios in the coming weeks, receiving personalized compositions, and even (hopefully) enjoying dinner and a music-related chat.
We still have a ways to go, especially as the project expands, so please keep your support coming. Thanks so much.


The last step to conclude UK's storied career is to produce the definite CD collection, to include the highest fidelity versions of U.K., Danger Money, Night After Night and Reunion, along with the complete story of UK - with photos from my archives; plus a recording of the legendary Penn's Landing concert (with Bruford and Holdsworth); a piano/guitar UK music book, and additional bonus materials, as available.  I have recorded a video, now available on the Video page, describing the project in more detail and asking for your participation.
Once again, I will be producing this definitive collection with no involvement or funding from any record company or other investors, so I have decided to try the crowd-funding approach - a natural extension of the original concept behind the Zealots Lounge.  True to my usual form, rather than using the established funding sites such as Kickstarter, PledgeMusic etc., I have started my own, which I am calling Z-Funder.
In order to include as many contributors as possible to the Z-Funder campaign, we have restructured the Zealots Lounge so it is now free to all.  The Full Membership level will continue to be available and we have now added a Lifetime Membership option with indefinite access to the free store, free downloads, concert ticket pre-sales, free VIP privileges, reserved front-row seating, Zealots meet-and-greets, Live Lounge get-togethers etc. - all the benefits of Full membership for as long as I am in business.
Current regular Lounge members will be upgraded to Full membership for 1 or 2 years at no charge (depending on your length of membership); current Full members will be offered a reduced-price Lifetime membership.  Give us a little more time to arrange the upgrade paths and to refresh Full members' free store items. 
We are still in the process of adding store items and downloads, but please start by watching my Z-Funder video and consider lending your support with a reduced-price UK box-set pre-sale from the store, a day with me in the studio, or go all the way and have me come to your house for tea.

UK 1977-2015

I have always been "the young guy;" John Wetton has 6 years on me, Bryan Ferry almost 10 years, and Frank Zappa was nearly 15 years older.  So it is rather strange to find myself turning a grandfatherly 60, especially in the middle of a tour of a band I co-founded at the youthful age of 22.  But here it is, at a small gathering in Tokyo, attended by over a hundred Zealots and VIP ticket holders.  Thank you all for attending, and thanks to the many well-wishers who posted various greetings on the web.
I have previously expressed my considerable appreciation for your loyal support of UK; I think we created something very special that has stood the test of time and I am proud of the achievement. Now it is time to let the group slip into a graceful retirement.  Again, a heartfelt thank you.
I have been asked several times what I am planning to do after UK, and my honest answer is that I don't know yet.  What I do know is that the reunions had to come to an end before we became a permanent nostalgia act, and that no personal reinvention and progression could occur as long as the UK tours remained the center of my focus.  So I am a free agent again, unlikely to do any more band tours moving forward, but open for any number of other solo-style projects and studio productions.
Let me state, however, that contrary to the impression given, I am personally not retiring nor closing down my business; there are several more musical and career goals that I still aspire to. Initially though, there are technological and business preparations to attend to, including a rethinking and upgrading of my performance and studio setups, as well as updating the websites and Zealots Lounge architecture; I also plan on focusing a lot of attention on simplifying my entire business and personal environment.  
As you will have noticed, the Lounge has been inactive for the past month; however, the plan is to totally restock the store and to get a more efficient video streaming system in place in the coming weeks.  Looking forward to the next phase; I hope you will continue to journey with me as we move into the future.

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