2018 - Happy New Year.  I am pleased to announce the completion and delivery to the Z-Funders of both the video and audio files of the piano improvisations.  I hope you enjoy your exclusive closeup look at my first-time-ever spontaneous composition attempt, live in my home music room.  I must admit that revisiting the videos, as an outside observer of my own process, is interesting - even for me.  It's not every day you get to observe yourself channel a musical stream-of-conciousness like that; I can observe both my own pure thought process and the limitations of that process.
The main purpose of the Z-Funder campaign and, in fact, of the Zealots Lounge itself, was to create a structure for my very own 'patrons of the arts' to support my more adventurous projects - at least at inception.  This is exactly what happened with the campaign to get the UK 'Ultimate Collector's Edition' box set started.  The project that you helped start turned into a two-year six-figure extravaganza, but ended up selling-out, way beyond my expectations and, more importantly, left a wonderful commemoration of a great band - the definitive record made even more salient by the unexpected passing of Wetton and Holdsworth.  So again, thank you to all who participated on any level, but with a special mention for the high-level contributors who helped motivate the project and impel me to tackle the improvised compositions; something I otherwise would not have done.  All of these projects only exist because of your support.
In life, I am still what you might call 'off the grid.'  My vehicle injury is still causing problems, but I am getting through the current transition in okay spirits; the move back to New York City is now planned for March 1st.  I understand there is a Zealots Lounge get-together planned for April in New York, so I hope to see some of you there.
Meanwhile, wishing everyone a good year ahead.


Firstly, sincere thanks to the Progressive Music Awards and Prog magazine for recently honoring me with their Lifetime Achievement Award, and to Sonja Kristina for graciously presenting it to me.  After almost 40 years of sustaining a music career almost exclusively in the U.S., I am always wonderfully surprised to receive any level of recognition in my home country.  Nice, thank you.
Secondly, I would like to thank all of the Z-Funders for your extraordinary patience in waiting for me to fulfill all of my obligations, especially as regards delivery of the piano improvisations, the music book and the Japanese studio visit.
As you may have observed, I have been seriously "off the grid" for the last six months; you may have also noticed that the Fallen Angels tour never did extend to the U.S. West Coast or Japan.  The reasons for this are too copious to enumerate here, but they do include being injured in a fall; then being involved in a high-speed car crash on a Los Angeles freeway (I have been in therapy for my back for the past four months); and, in the past year alone, dealing with the deaths of nine (yes, nine) close friends, colleagues and family members.  Frankly, it has been a rough year.
This and other business factors have led me to some significant decisions, the first of which is that I am permanently retiring from live concert touring.  Thank you for supporting the last eight years of concerts, from UKZ to Fallen Angels; I enjoyed meeting so many of you, my friends and supporters, and I was honored to make music with so many stellar musicians from John Wetton to Marc Bonilla and Adrian Belew; Tony Levin and Terry Bozzio to Alex Machacek and Marco Minnemann... Billy Sherwood, Simon Phillips, Greg Howe... it's a long list; Aaron Lippert, Pat Mastelotto, Trey Gunn, Virgil Donati, Gary Husband.  There have honestly been too many to mention everyone, as with the U-Z Project: Mike Mangini and Billy Sheehan; the Zappanale Festival: such as Ike Willis and Ray White; the Festival of Peace in Tatarstan: playing with Fairport Convention, Patti Smith, Keith Emerson and others; the Four decades concert with Sonja Kristina and Ric Fierabracci; and, of course, the Emerson tribute show with the likes of Steve Porcaro, Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter, Steve Lukather and Vinnie Colaiuta - in fact in the last eight years, with Vinnie now included, I have had the privilege of playing with maybe six or seven of the top ten drummers in the world.  Thank you to all of the fans and to all of the musicians.
A second decision I have come to is to sell my house and studio, leave Los Angeles and move back to New York.  This move will likely take place by the end of the year, barring any delays.  My wife and I would like to be closer to our son, Christopher, and look forward to returning to the modernism of high-rise living.
So thank you for supporting the story, so far.  I am not disengaging from music, just gracefully transitioning into my retirement years.  The coming weeks and months will see the complete delivery of the piano improvs, along with a video of each, as well as work on some legacy compilations and a possible vinyl release.  If I find myself unable to complete the music book, or make the long-awaited Japanese 'studio visit' trip by February, I shall arrange to refund or otherwise compensate the Z-Funders who supported those levels - with my apologies.
Meanwhile, 2018 will see a complete restructuring of Globe Music, the websites and store, and the Zealots Lounge, ensuring that current and lifetime members are appropriately rewarded for their commitment and loyalty.  Next year will be a year of technological renovation in my life, business, social media, and production methodology.  As an ardent futurist, all of these moves are less about winding down the past, and more about getting tuned in and fully aligned with the 21st century world, as it is becoming.  It is time for a change, a reinvention, and a renewed enthusiasm for life and art.
Thank you.


By continuing public demand, I have manufactured more UK "Ultimate Collectors' Edition" box sets. You should find them available again at Amazon, Disc Union, and other retailers.  This will be the final round, so get yours while you can.
As you may have noticed, I am off the grid at the moment as I reevaluate the future, but I will be back with updates soon.
As always, thanks for your continued support.


Allan Holdsworth and I first met on the North of England music circuit when I was 16 years old; I didn't know back then that he would become the world's greatest living guitarist - arguably the greatest jazz guitarist in the history of the genre.  I have lost an old friend and colleague, but the world has lost a music legend.  RIP Allan.


The "Fallen Angels Tour" will now visit Washington DC - technically Vienna, Virginia - to conclude this string of East Coast gigs. See the Live page.


See the 'Live' page for the latest confirmed dates for the Jobson-Bonilla "Fallen Angels Tour" - a tribute to John Wetton and Keith Emerson
Full Zealots members will receive all VIP privileges at no additional cost and should buy regular-priced tickets.

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