Despite trying for many months to convince Ward Records in Japan to release the Four Decades and Curtain Call videos worldwide through Globe at regular DVD/Blu-ray prices, they have not made this possible for me.  So the videos will only be available as Japanese exports, at Japanese export prices.  I apologize that we will be unable to offer either video through Globe Music or on the Zealots Lounge, or be able to include Curtain Call in the UK box set.
However, the good news is that the Abbey Road sessions were quite fruitful and I shall soon be posting an update video here on the Lounge about the progress of the Ultimate Collectors' Edition box set.  Stay tuned.
The Zealots store has finally reopened with a few items, and though the special Z-Funder deal is over, the UK box set will be added to the store catalog after I have posted the update video.
Thanks once again to all of the Z-Funder contributors, and a very special thanks to the Diamond-level funders for hosting me in your homes.  I enjoyed spending time sharing knowledge and stories with such an intelligent and gracious group of people and I look forward to seeing you all again in the future.