Firstly, let me thank everyone very much for participating in the first Z-Funder campaign; we have had contributors on every single Z-Funder pledge level.  I am in the process of fulfilling the higher-level pledges as we speak, beginning the improvised compositions, as well as planning certain trips to visit the Diamond contributors in person.  This should be fun (let's start chillin' the Pinot).
Of course, once any large project gets underway, some aspects go smoothly and others seem to take forever.  Unfortunately, the projected Xmas delivery date for the 'Ultimate Collectors' Edition' UK box set is, at this point, unlikely to be met, however, part of the reason is that the project has increased in scope considerably.  Currently, the box set is up to 10 discs and could very well end up as a 14-disc collection once I am finished.  I will give more details down the road once the exact contents have been confirmed and as new options become unearthed in the Abbey Road vaults.  
One of the slower aspects of the project has been licensing the "Curtain Call" video from Japan to be included in the collection - an important addition, in my view - but progress is finally being made on this issue as well.  Retrieving the original UK master tapes from Abbey Road has also taken quite a while to organize and schedule; I am currently hoping to make it over to England in November.
Meanwhile, due to the scope and expense of the project, we need to make some adjustments to the pledge levels.  As of October 1st, the Z-Funder "Box Set" level will increase to $105 (and the "Musician" level to $150), which is still considerably less than the expected retail price which could reach around $140 or higher.  The current $75 "Box Set" pre-sale (and $125 for "Musician") will continue until November for Full members, but will otherwise only be available until September 30, 2015 on the regular Zealots Lounge store.
Lastly, I am closing down the Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels on October 31st.  Thanks again to the high-level funders, we already have folks visiting the studios in the coming weeks, receiving personalized compositions, and even (hopefully) enjoying dinner and a music-related chat.
We still have a ways to go, especially as the project expands, so please keep your support coming. Thanks so much.