The last step to conclude UK's storied career is to produce the definite CD collection, to include the highest fidelity versions of U.K., Danger Money, Night After Night and Reunion, along with the complete story of UK - with photos from my archives; plus a recording of the legendary Penn's Landing concert (with Bruford and Holdsworth); a piano/guitar UK music book, and additional bonus materials, as available.  I have recorded a video, now available on the Video page, describing the project in more detail and asking for your participation.
Once again, I will be producing this definitive collection with no involvement or funding from any record company or other investors, so I have decided to try the crowd-funding approach - a natural extension of the original concept behind the Zealots Lounge.  True to my usual form, rather than using the established funding sites such as Kickstarter, PledgeMusic etc., I have started my own, which I am calling Z-Funder.
In order to include as many contributors as possible to the Z-Funder campaign, we have restructured the Zealots Lounge so it is now free to all.  The Full Membership level will continue to be available and we have now added a Lifetime Membership option with indefinite access to the free store, free downloads, concert ticket pre-sales, free VIP privileges, reserved front-row seating, Zealots meet-and-greets, Live Lounge get-togethers etc. - all the benefits of Full membership for as long as I am in business.
Current regular Lounge members will be upgraded to Full membership for 1 or 2 years at no charge (depending on your length of membership); current Full members will be offered a reduced-price Lifetime membership.  Give us a little more time to arrange the upgrade paths and to refresh Full members' free store items. 
We are still in the process of adding store items and downloads, but please start by watching my Z-Funder video and consider lending your support with a reduced-price UK box-set pre-sale from the store, a day with me in the studio, or go all the way and have me come to your house for tea.