UK 1977-2015

I have always been "the young guy;" John Wetton has 6 years on me, Bryan Ferry almost 10 years, and Frank Zappa was nearly 15 years older.  So it is rather strange to find myself turning a grandfatherly 60, especially in the middle of a tour of a band I co-founded at the youthful age of 22.  But here it is, at a small gathering in Tokyo, attended by over a hundred Zealots and VIP ticket holders.  Thank you all for attending, and thanks to the many well-wishers who posted various greetings on the web.
I have previously expressed my considerable appreciation for your loyal support of UK; I think we created something very special that has stood the test of time and I am proud of the achievement. Now it is time to let the group slip into a graceful retirement.  Again, a heartfelt thank you.
I have been asked several times what I am planning to do after UK, and my honest answer is that I don't know yet.  What I do know is that the reunions had to come to an end before we became a permanent nostalgia act, and that no personal reinvention and progression could occur as long as the UK tours remained the center of my focus.  So I am a free agent again, unlikely to do any more band tours moving forward, but open for any number of other solo-style projects and studio productions.
Let me state, however, that contrary to the impression given, I am personally not retiring nor closing down my business; there are several more musical and career goals that I still aspire to. Initially though, there are technological and business preparations to attend to, including a rethinking and upgrading of my performance and studio setups, as well as updating the websites and Zealots Lounge architecture; I also plan on focusing a lot of attention on simplifying my entire business and personal environment.  
As you will have noticed, the Lounge has been inactive for the past month; however, the plan is to totally restock the store and to get a more efficient video streaming system in place in the coming weeks.  Looking forward to the next phase; I hope you will continue to journey with me as we move into the future.